If you are scheduled for pre-admission testing, your screening appointment will take about 4 hours. This appointment is difficult to reschedule, so if you need to change it, please contact our Pre-Admission Screening Office or your surgeon immediately so we can accommodate you.

During this visit, you will meet with several members of your care team, including a nurse practitioner/physician assistant and anesthesiologist. We will also perform some diagnostic tests to make sure there are no hidden problems and that you are in the best possible health for surgery.

Members of Your Care Team

At the pre-admission screening appointment, you may meet with the following people. (You will not meet with your surgeon as part of the pre-admission process.)

  • A registered nurse and/or nurse practitioner, who will assess your general health and medical history, tell you how to handle all your medications before surgery, take blood work and perform a urinalysis and order any other pre-surgical testing needed.

  • A pharmacist, who will go over your medications with you. Bring all medications (even over-the-counter ones) in their original containers so there will be no question about the dose, frequency and name.

  • A physical therapist (PT), who will help develop a plan to prepare your house and family, help you with your rehab planning and show you the exercises you will need to know.

  • Your case manager, who will develop a discharge plan, including where you will be discharged to and help with logistics and insurance issues.
  • An anesthesiologist, who will help decide the appropriate anesthesia option for you.