At the pre-admission screening appointment, you may meet with the following people. (You will not meet with your surgeon as part of the pre-admission screening process.)

  • A registered nurse and/or nurse practitioner, who will assess your general health and medical history, tell you how to handle all your medications before surgery, take blood work and perform a urinalysis and order any other pre-surgical testing needed.

  • A pharmacist, who will go over your medications with you. Bring all medications (even over-the-counter ones) in their original containers so there will be no question about the dose, frequency and name.

  • A physical therapist, who will help develop a plan to prepare your house and family, help you with your rehab planning and show you the exercises you will need to know.

  • Your case manager, who will develop a discharge plan, including where you will be discharged to and help with logistics and insurance issues.

  • An anesthesiologist or anesthesia nurse, who will review the appropriate anesthesia option with you.

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